Samsung’s Galaxy TabPro S is thin, powerful and ready to work

Samsung's Galaxy TabPro S

Samsung has announced the company’s latest 2-in-1 tablet, the Galaxy TabPro S, is ready for pre-order for £849 in the UK. Availability in the UK commences on March 17 for the Windows 10-powered mobile PC. The TabPro S features fast charging capabilities, meaning you’ll be able to fully charge the tablet in just under three hours, which will provide up to 10 hours of use.

The 12-inch tablet is slightly smaller than the iPad Pro, but roughly equal to the Surface Pro 4. It weighs a pound and a half without the screen cover, which means it has some heft, but is also roughly equivalent to the iPad Pro (1.53 lbs., for the TabPro S and 1.57 lbs. for the iPad Pro). The TabPro S can feel a little heavier because that weight is squeezed into a smaller frame. That feeling becomes more pronounced when you attach the keyboard cover which wraps around both sides of the device. Apple iPad Pro folds the keyboard under one side of the cover.